Unreal-Powered VTubing

Game shown: Lunistice

Build your avatar like a game character.

Blend real-time tracking with Unreal's suite of animation tools.

Go live with one lightweight, fully-featured app.

Bring Your Stream To Life

Give your avatar custom stances and transitions.

Capture high-quality video with Spout.

Pixel-perfect transparency -- no more halos around your VTuber!

Game shown: BallisticNG

Script Your Own Interactions

Build any interaction you can imagine, and export it with your avatar.

Use Unreal Blueprints -- no coding knowledge required.

All your interactions are key-bindable and appear in the UI.

A Better VTuber Pipeline

kemorig loads .pak files exported from Unreal Editor; anything you can make in Unreal can be bundled with your avatar.

Use built-in animation features... or build your own. Script whatever you want in Blueprint.

No more struggling with VTuber file formats. Use Unreal's proven gamedev pipeline.

Early Access Available Now on Patreon

NOTE: currently supported tracking methods:

  • ARKit with an iPhone X or newer
  • Microphone lip sync

Additional tracking methods (including webcam tracking) will be implemented over time during Early Access.